The Body of Christ

How many times have you heard someone say, “I allowed the devil to use me, now that I am saved I’m going to allow God to use me?”  Well in reality the devil used and abused you.  The devil abused you, me and whomever else haven’t given their lives to God.  The definition of abuse is, “To use (something or someone) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse.  Another definition is to treat a person with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.” God wants to use you, He will never abuse you. God will never treat you cruel, violent or misuse you.  God has deposited something so special in you; it is your spiritual gift.  God wants to use the gift He has given you for His glory. 

You may wonder, what is my gift or how can I craft my gift? If you haven’t unwrapped your gift and you are not sure what gift God has blessed you with, don’t worry, God will reveal to you what gift(s) He has blessed you with. 

First, pray and seek God, so He can show you what your gifts are.  Be specific when you pray and believe that God will answer your prayer.  Second, think about what are you passionate about and what comes naturally to you while operating in God’s power?   What brings you joy and satisfies you? What you enjoy and how fruitful the gift is when edifying others.   Third, exercise your gift, so your gift can make room for you.  

Oh, Can you imagine how effective the ministry will be if each one of us uses the gift God has given us? When the body is completely functioning (working) we no longer have a disabled body.  Once you have found out what your gifts are, you are accountable for the gifts God has blessed you with.  You are a steward over the gift(s) God has given you.  We need one another’s gift, so the Body of Christ can function properly.  There is no gift so small or insignificant that the body of Christ doesn’t need it.  For example, if your toe or finger is amputated you are considered disabled, which means your body is not operating at its full capacity and how God designed it. Every part of the body is important. We need you and we need your gift.  Let’s do what God has created us to do.

If you are having problems discovering your spiritual gift, please feel free to take the spiritual gift assessment on the following link: