Power of Agreement

The two enter the dance floor. The music starts to play, as it coordinates with the steps, strides, dips, glides and turns. They are well synchronized. Their steps come into line with a harmonious sound as their bodies are in sync with the music. The power of agreement is the music and rhythm that flow between two people. It lies at the heart and soul of the relationship. It harmonizes the spirit that tap dances and awakens the soul. The power of agreement is essential in any relationship including ministry. The power of agreement is a covenant between two or more like-minded people headed in the same direction.  The power of agreement doesn’t mean the individual is a replicate. You’re not identical.

But it does mean you complement each other, you are in accord with one another. You are a team. You are not opponents. The power of agreement is a cohesiveness that binds two together through the supernatural power of Jesus Christ.  The foundation of the power of agreement is God. It is one of the greatest vehicles to access God’s blessings.  We need to be in agreement with God’s plan for our lives and ministry.  The power is delivered by God when the unit submits to Him. This is a spiritual connection that unites one another in unity. The power of agreement enables you to walk, talk and live together harmoniously.  This empowers God assignments to be accomplished and fulfilled. 

When you are in agreement you can work together; you come against the forces of darkness, you can pray together on one accord. The power of agreement is not competition, jealousy, strife and/or envy.  God created these special relationships through His grace rather it is family, marriage, friends, employment or church ministries. It is strength in unity, so we should always strive to walk in the power of agreement according to God’s will.